Get some ADV

less than 1 minute read

You wanna have more fun with your ADV? Well, here’s 3 tips that worked for me. The first, and maybe the worst, is no TV. That means making motorcycles a priority.

Next, find a way to fight the weather and pollution. Good gear like Icon Raiden is by far the best solution. When you’re riding in the rain, snow, thunder, and hail it’s the gear that keeps you happy, and without it, you’ll fail.

The third and final step for your ADV is stop taking yourself so seriously. Don’t plan a route, get lost, pout, scream and shout. Getting lost keeps us free, it’s what riding bikes is all about.

So that’s all I got, those three tips are key. Good gear, get lost, and no TV. But if all that sounds dumb, don’t listen to me. Just get your bike, leave the house, get some ADV.